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October meet-up notes and links

This month we met up in the Red Lion pub to discuss how to engage with our elected representatives, ORG's Privacy Not Prism campaign to challenge mass surveillance in the courts, and what happened at the PPUK anti-surveillance demonstration in Manchester.

I gave an informal talk about how to lobby MPs and other politicians based on a post I wrote after a session by Truth2Power on the subject at ORGCon 2012. I mentioned a few useful resources:

Late last month some of us crossed the Pennines to join the Pirate Party UK anti-survellance protest in Manchester. Here are a couple of blog posts about our experiences.

Lastly we discussed briefly ORG's new campaign to take legal action in Europe against mass surveillance by GCHQ and the NSA. I was planning to beg for donations, but though the collecting tin is still open, the initial target was met before we did!

Next meeting will be at 18:30 on Wednesday 13 November in the Graduate pub opposite Sheffield central library. All welcome!

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